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2 February 2002

"Be Prepared" Activity Days



The last newsletter (25 January 2002) discussed Seminary activity days. 
Here are two additional and related ideas:

Scripture Mastery "Be Prepared" Activity Day

Allow students to prepare short talk outlines based on various scripture mastery scriptures. Then, whenever they get called upon to give a talk or thought; they'll have a head start on their preparation. 

You can also let students work in teams and share their results. 

It's often also a good idea at the beginning of such an activity to show students "how to do one". 

This activity is a good opportunity for students to better learn how to use the tools in their scriptures, especially the Topical Guide, Bible Dictionary, footnotes, and the Joseph Smith Translation.


Scripture Mastery Devotional Preparation Activity Day

This idea is similar to the idea above, but students are given time to prepare devotionals. If your students are like mine, devotionals are too often done "on the fly". This activity day gives you and your students the opportunity to "fix it". 

To make this activity day a success, I recommend that you bring doctrinal church books, New Era magazines, and Ensign magazines so students can search for material to share during their future devotionals.

Provide students with an outline of the "devotional format" you would like them to use -- for example, perhaps something like: 

  1. Introduce the scripture (background, setting, doctrine, missionary application, etc.) 
  2. Read the entire scripture. 
  3. Briefly explain why you chose this scripture. 
  4. Share a relevant short story, poem, or quotation. 
  5. Bear your testimony regarding the truthfulness of this Gospel principle, what it means to you, and why you selected it. 

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