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22 April 2002

Using All 100 Scripture Mastery Scriptures




Throughout the Seminary year -- but especially as you approach the end of the year -- you may wish to look for ways to introduce (for younger students) or reinforce (for graduating seniors) all 100 Seminary Scripture Mastery (SM) scriptures.

Here are a few possible ideas to help you do so:

  • Give students a list of all 100 SM scriptures for them to glue into their scriptures.

  • Have an in-class Seminary activity day where older students share their favorite SM scripture, or scriptures (from other years) to the other students in your class.

  • If you teach seniors, give them an open book scripture mastery "quiz" that uses scripture mastery scriptures from all 4 Seminary years. (Other students could also be offered the opportunity to take the "quiz" -- perhaps for extra credit.)

  • Each time a Book of Mormon scripture mastery scripture "comes up" in the course of a lesson, ask students to check their 100 SM list and see what SM scriptures from other years might also apply.

  • Take an activity day and invite students to chain the 100 SM scriptures together -- as they see fit. (You'll be pleasantly surprised by the connections that they will find.)

  • Allow students to "pass off" SM scriptures from the following year, perhaps for extra credit, after they have finished all 25 scriptures from the current Seminary year.

(To possibly save you some time, please note that... Glue-in formatted lists for all 100 Seminary scripture mastery scriptures are found in each of the Volume 2 Seminary Scripture Mastery Resource packets. Additional information is available at

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