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Sally visits Seminary classes
in the United States

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Choctaw, Oklahoma

Seminary Sally traveled into the Midwest and visited Sister Kathy Maier's Seminary class at Choctaw, Oklahoma. In our Seminary Class we have 3 "Bens" and only four girls. Our class meets at 6:00 a.m. at our ward building.

The students are in four different school districts, plus five students are home-schooled. Our area is home to several Indian tribes. Tinker Air Force Base is located nearby.

The class group picture above was taken after a game of "Slide Over." The Choctaw Seminary class takes their games seriously! Wes, Jonathan, Ben Hughes, Teresa, and Jon are on the back row (above). The middle row is Andy, Lane, Brianne, Andrea, Spencer, and Sister Maier. The bottom row shows Logan, Tim, and Ben Frantz. (Antani, B.J., Ben Harrison, Spencer, Aimee, and Krystal were missing the day that Seminary Sally visited.)

We are fortunate to have the Oklahoma City Temple just 45 minutes away. The youth are able to do baptisms several times a year.

Three students -- Ben Hughes, Tim, and Jon -- are shown deciding which answer is correct during a scripture mastery game.

Three class members -- Ben Hughes, Spencer, and Lane -- are shown waiting for the other team to fill the vacant chair during a game day.

Andy (shown above), one of the students in the Choctaw Seminary class, will be playing basketball at Dixie College in St. George, Utah next year.

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